Product Safety Standards

Fabrics and Materials

Our clothing and wearable accessories are made using soft organic cotton and linen fabrics, that are gentle on your little ones skin. We ensure they are light weight, breathable and easy to wash. 

Product Safety Standards

Here at Ottilie's, we follow strict safety standards. Our products are formulated and tested to meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

We have a 5-Step safety guide:

1. We thoroughly vet every supplier and only accept materials from vendors that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards.

2. We ensure our suppliers have experts test for every likely issue, including skin and eye irritation. We have access to further information for every single product we sell.

3. Products are tested for ways real consumers use our baby products. We ensure that our products are tested in the lab under many scenarios- extreme heat, cold, humidity and more- to triple-check safety and consistency.

5. Feedback is very important to us. If we find any of our products do not meet a high customer satisfaction standard, we will immediately review and make any changes necessary, to ensure we are only selling the best products to our customers. We listen to every piece of feedback from customers, whether it's via a customer service message, email or a social media comment. Our customers come first.